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About Videos

Why did we create an Instructional Skills Video Series?

APL Associates recognize that the investment by a district in the APL Associates Instructional Skills Five-day training is most likely to result in changes in classrooms if the district creates a system of continuing support. With this in mind, this video series has been created. The twenty-six video clips review the big ideas from the five-day workshop. They are organized around questions that are often asked by teachers. The video series is designed to be used as a part of regularly occuring staff development for teachers and instructional leaders.

The questions are:

 1. How do I insure that students understand instructions?
 2. How do I keep the class going when a student doesn’t know the answer?
 3. How do I insure that students complete tasks with quality?
 4. How do I effectively start class?
 5. How should my lesson (class) be organized?
 6. How do I engage more students consistently?
 7. How can I motivate all students?
 8. How can I motivate the reluctant learner?
 9. How do I get students to think?
10. How do we get students to think more productively or critically?
11. How can we effectively manage student behavior?
12. How do I manage the very difficult to manage student?
13. What can I do when re-teaching and reinforcement is not enough?
14. How should I manage reinforcers?
15. What are some tips for organization and time management?
16. How should monitoring work?
17. What are some strategies to impact retention?
18. What is a highly effective way to impact retention?
19. How do I get students to study for tests?
20. How do I make homework more effective?
21. How do I get students to do homework?
22. How do I get students to work on projects in a timely fashion?
23. How do I get students to read as a part of class assignments?
24. How should homework be assigned?
25. Which APL strategies build toward the four most highly sought after 21st century skills?
26. How can we effectively conference parents?

Cost for access to the video clips is $5100 per district for one calendar year. A username/password, good for use by anyone in your district, can be created by clicking on the "Join Now" link. Payment must be by credit card and is processed through PayPal.

Your username/password may be used by faculty in your district. This username/password may not be shared with other districts. The video products may only be accessed through the web site and may not be recorded or stored in any way.

For more detailed information about APL and/or any of its exciting staff development/inservice programs please contact:

Dr. Jean T. Anastasio
David J. Perry

PO BOX 250